xcAuction - The leading ASP Auction SoftwareAdd the power of real-time online auctions to your website. If you need powerful online auction software for your website, xcAuction can deliver the auction functionality you need. Because our auction software is very configurable, the number of ways that it can be used on any website is virtually unlimited. xcAuction can be custom tailored to suit the exact needs of your online business, or fit your vertical market or niche industry.

Features and Value
xcAuction allows any web site to have powerful and feature rich online auctions. Loaded with the kind of features that you might only find on industry leading auction sites, xcAuction packs in more features for the price than other similar products. Other auction software applications with similar features cost much more than xcAuction. But xcAuction delivers it all to you and gives you the best value that you can find at any price. When it comes to price and performance, xcAuction is in a class of its own.

Our auction software is very configurable! While we have built xcAuction to meet the needs of many different types of businesses and users, we created many features with a number of configuration options. So you have the power to make significant changes in how many of xcAuction's features work, and it's look and feel, with simple configuration options. xcAuction's appearance can be quickly and easily integrated with the rest of your web site design in order to give it a seamless appearance with your existing website. An extensive variety of configuration options make it easy to tailor the auction software to suit your own preferences.

Instant Gratification
As soon as you receive xcAuction, you can begin using it. Since xcAuction is a complete turnkey solution, it can be running live auctions on your site right away. Experienced web site designers have literally had xcAuction running and operational on their site within minutes. If you can design and create web sites, then you can set up and run xcAuction.

You can easily tailor many of xcAuction's features with simple configuration options using your web browser or text editor. But if you need to take it to an even further degree, our auction software can be customized even further. Since it includes its complete ASP source code, any experienced ASP developer can customize any aspect of the application.