XCENT is committed to making sure our products work correctly for you. In the event you encounter a problem setting up xcAuction or you do not understand how something works, we have a variety of ways to get your questions answered. We always strive to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

Support for xcAuction and all other XCENT web server applications and software is provided via email and our web site and through our searchable online FAQ database on the XCENT web site at http://www.xcent.com/faq/. Many of the common obstacles encountered when setting up or configuring xcAuction are already well documented in detail within the XCENT FAQ database. There are hundreds of online FAQ articles available, so it is very likely that all of your questions are already answered there. That means you can usually find your answer at any time of the day or night!

xcAuction includes thirty days of free setup and installation support via email and online support options. Paid telephone and priority support options are available for those who need more advanced or mission critical services. Comprehensive support packages are available on request.